Fire Extinguisher Training

BullsEye™ Laser-Driven Fire Extinguisher Training System

Conduct important OSHA required fire extinguisher training with your entire staff, anytime, anywhere with the innovative BullsEye™ Laser-Driven Fire Extinguisher Training System.

Anyone can watch a video or participate in a classroom demonstration. However, that is no substitute for seeing a fire, reaching for an extinguisher, pulling the pin and squeezing the trigger. Fire extinguishers are an important safety tool located throughout the workplace. Like any other tool, proper training is necessary to support safe and effective use.

Hands-on training allows your employees to practice what they have learned and builds confidence, so they know what to do when the situation presents itself. Trained individuals are 250% more effective in extinguishing fires, according to the National Association of Fire Equipment Distributors. 

Traditional fire extinguisher training was time consuming, created scheduling conflicts, and at the end of the day instructors were left with a parking lot full of dry chemical to clean up. This training can be brought indoors to the very places where fire emergencies may occur. It will save managers time and money in scheduling their employees to be trained on using a fire extinguisher. Plus, the BullsEye allows unlimited students to receive hands-on realistic training which arms them with the knowledge to prevent and respond to fire emergencies inside their facilities. 

Our program offers more than a means of regulatory compliance. We offer a comprehensive program that includes both classroom and hand-on education to help your employees understand the risks, challenges and opportunities in facing a fire emergency and will engage your employees in your company's fire safety policies, creating a safer workplace. 

Trainees will leave our program with knowledge of the sources of fire, classes/types of fire and their corresponding extinguishers, how to recognize an extinguisher, how to assess a fire situation, and fire emergency protocols.

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Course is in compliance with OSHA 1910.157 and NFPA-10 guidelines 


Testimonial: The Permanente Medical Group
Betty Fisher, Environmental Health and Safety Manager for The Permanente Medical Group Inc. Regional Laboratories located in Berkley, California and Richmond California 

“Employees like the training and like most people indicated they have a fire extinguisher at home, but did not know how to use it. One employee stopped me on my way to my car a couple of days after she went through the training, and thanked me for the training. She said she went home and showed her husband how to use the extinguisher ... Our employees are pleased because they can take this skill training home and become safer in knowing how to use a fire extinguisher.” 

-LION Group, Inc. / BullEx